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Finding accommodation for large groups in Bali can be difficult. Enter No-Location, we know which places are good, what’s around, and what to do. Choose one of our pre-built packages based on your group’s interests or have us build a package especially for you. We know every area of Bali by heart and have some pretty stellar connections. Your group is guaranteed to get high value at lower prices . Whether you want to stay a few days or a few months we have exactly what you need. Whether you put your group in one space or in multiple spaces you will always deal only with us. We take care of everything for you. We can put your group in any, or any combination of spaces such as villas, hotels, homestays, hostels, cottages, resorts and retreats. Booking spaces for large groups doesn't have to be hard, and with No-Location it’s simple, easy,affordable, and memorable.

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Dea Rezkitha

Dea has worked in the startup world for over 4 years, moving around India, The UK and now Bali.
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Brett Merrill

Brett is a Music Producer, DJ, Entrepreneur, and soon-to-be Author. While he’s not a traditional digital nomad he is a DJigital nomad who has been slow traveling for a number of years from New York to China and then onward to Indonesia.

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