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We know what a digital nomad wants

Mind Shift

You get to choose from top-tier courses taught by the best teachers in the region. We have many courses available for you to enrich your ideas: from cooking, to learning the local language, DJing, Marketing, Surfing, Web Development, Yoga classes and even Music Production.

Digital Tribe

Traveling and working as a digital nomad can be lonely sometimes. No-Location hooks you up with like-minded people where you not only share a co-working space but also a co-living space with the very best. It is your own digital tribe. While staying with us, you will also be invited to secret parties, exclusive get-togethers to expand your network and be included in the local scene so your personal life flourishes as well as your business life.

Moving Secret

The space that we offer will be a secret. We won’t advertise it anywhere on the net. In fact, we always moving, we will never stay in one place. Every 3 months we will announce a new place so we can always provide a new experience for the nomads. Because nomads never settle why should we?.

Quality Service

We provide you the quality service and experience that you have never dreamed of. We are not talking about high-speed internet, or comfortable working desks and beds. We take you to the next level. Everything from laundry, meals three times a day, on-call massage, a driver and 24 hour staff will be provided so you always have access to the best service.

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We are called “no-location” because we are always moving and never settle.

No-Location is a kind of open secret, an exclusive lifestyle option that offers the best spaces to the best digital nomads. The great thing about being a digital nomad is that you are location-free, you can go wherever you like. The downside is that once you arrive you don’t know what is what. You can get screwed based on where you stay, what you get for you time and money, and who you meet. Enter No-Location – we know the territory. We ensure that your accommodation is everything you expected, paid for and more. You will have only the best when it comes to what you do and what information you get. We guarantee that the people you stay with are like you – Location-free and highly valuable. Travel is about growth, both personal and financial. The best will always breed the best. Too much of a good thing becomes its opposite. We fight saturation. The greatest nomads always know the best things first and that is why you are here. Our spaces are called “no-location” because they are always moving.

Our team

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Dea Rezkitha

Dea has worked in the startup world for over 4 years,moving around India, The UK and now Bali. She has managed several co-working spaces and is taking what she has learned and is seeking to create only the best co-working space the world has ever seen.
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Brett Merrill

Brett is a Music Producer, DJ, Entrepreneur, and soon-to-be Author. While he’s not a traditional digital nomad he is a DJigital nomad who has been slow traveling for a number of years from New York to China and then onward to Indonesia.

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