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The world is changing and a whole new lifestyle is emerging where location-independence is paramount, for individuals and groups. A bold new world requires bold new lifestyle services. No-Location is the only service you need to get your group to Bali and Beyond. No-Location can literally handle everything for you and your group: From the accommodation to the laundry, all you have to do is approve or ask for a change. If you need something special we can create it for you - whether that be a sound-proof custom co-working space or a coconut delivery system. No matter what you can dream up, No-Location will make sure it comes true.


We link you up with best combination of villas, hotels, guesthouse, village, or anything else you need.


Any kind of activities that you can think up for your group, whether cultural immersion, adventure, or relaxing…we have it all.


Pick up and drop off services, car or motorbike rentals – we can even create your own shuttle service for you.


Get your own private chef or we can provide you with a catering service. Experience the local food or bask in alternative diets with ease.


From laundry service to sim cards, or setting up your own remote workspace – we can link you up with the best vendors in town.


We work together with in-house staff to provide excellent service for your group so you can focus on what is important for you.

Make your own

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We help you bring your group to Bali

Taking a group to Bali used to be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Then No-Location happened - we know which places are good, what’s around, and what to do. With No-Location everything is possible: If you are running a location-independent company you can choose one of our pre-built workcation packages or, if you are creating a retreat or some other kind of group experience, you can use No-Location’s services to complete your vision. No-Location can handle the demands of any group because our logistics services and personal connections are unrivaled and crafted of the highest quality. We link you up with the best combination of villas, hotels, homestays, local suppliers, vendors, tour providers and every other logistical service you require. Whether you want to stay a few days or a few months we have exactly what you want and best of all we take care of everything for you - Leaving you free to lead your team or focus on your clients while enjoying Bali.

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