Start your travel business with No-Location

Business is about more than just buying and selling things, ultimately it’s about people – meeting their needs and providing them with what they want. That’s why we developed the Business Buddy Program, so we could help you get started on your own business.

Many people dream of having their own business or require a second income or just want to test out a new lifestyle. The world is changing and there are a plethora of options that will help you to launch your own business, and No-Location’s Business Buddy program is among the best.

In today’s world people are flocking to groups they can work, travel, and live with: It’s called the digital nomad revolution and its growth is due to more and more people becoming location independent. The rise of the internet has allowed hobbyists, travelers, and so many more to link up on a scale previously unthinkable. Whether you want to host a retreat or build a team, getting people together has never been bigger business.

Organizing an overseas trip of any length of time for any number of people is hard work, the branding, marketing, managing of accounts and so on. But what about the logistics? Finding the perfect place, negotiating the right price, arranging day trips, taking care of visas? These questions typically cost thousands of dollars to answer and take hundreds of man hours…or rather, they used to.

You see, No-Location takes half the work and does it for you. We’ve located the best accommodation providers in Bali, negotiated the most incredible prices, classified them by area, price, use, and built the tools you need to know exactly how much your clients should pay and exactly how much profit you will earn. We arrange everything from the busses and tours to the laundry and internet and did we mention you get a local contact to help you arrange last minute details during your trip so you also don’t have to worry about a language barrier? We’ve done the tedious expensive stuff, so you get to do the fun bits, it only takes 10 clients and 1 week to make a profit and begin a new life. Who knows, you might just get to quit your job!

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