Workation: The new wave of remote working

Working remotely may has been trending in companies and will continue grow until 2020 at least, but how about working remotely as a team? There is a name for it – Workation.

Workation is a new movement for companies that want to take remote working to a completely new level. Take the example of Droids on Roids, a development company from Poland: They took 30 people from  their company to go for a one-month adventure in Bali where everyone could work and also go on vacation together as a team. They get out of the proverbial “cubicle”, took a plane and lived in an exotic paradisiacal island for a month. Everyday they started up with a healthy breakfast, went for a surf, worked on their projects, had productive meetings, and ended the days socializing in their villa or in trendy beach bars by the waves under a sky full of stars. On the weekends they went for adventures like rafting, kayaking, snorkeling and hiking up volcanoes. Workation takes productivity and team collaboration to a whole new level…and you know, up volcanoes.

Sounds like the dream, right? It’s no dream, it’s a simple fact.

We help companies like Droids on Roids set up everything to make their dream team workation come into actuality. At the moment we have one package operating in Bali, Indonesia but soon we will open in many places around the world.

Our service include:

  • We locate and arrange the best large group accommodation, be a one private villa, separate lodges or something more open – whatever you need we will make sure you get it.
  • We help you create customizable workspaces and meeting places within the accommodation.
  • We connect you with coworking spaces in the area
  • High Speed internet
  • Tours and team building activities
  • Healthy drinks and coconut everyday
  • On-call spa and one hour massage daily
  • Orientation with what is around you
  • Meals three times a day provided by chef
  • SIM and 3G top up
  • Scooter rental
  • Welcome and Closing Party
  • Other service upon request

We understand that your work is important and so is your team’s happiness (not to mention you keeping your stress levels low). We will take care of everything once you arrive so you can rest and focus on what is important to you. Workation is the adventure that your team will never forget

All images are copyright from Droids on Roids‘ website. Please check their Bali Workation moments in this link.