This is not your everyday company

We don't have work hours - instead we have daily goals. We work from anywhere, mostly from cafes (they make better coffee than we do), and other times at coworking spaces. We have our company meetings on the beach or in the rice paddies - once atop an elephant. Everyday we are either in front of a laptop or are on a scooter going zipping through beauty. Our work is finished before the sunset so we can enjoy the pretty things in life. We believe in getting things done, not in how loggin the hours we've remained in one place. We love ideas, we try them and learn quickly. We eat healthy food and we exercise regularly. Our work is not bound to our job descriptions, instead we do the tasks that what we love to do. We are rewarded by the things we achieve.

If this resonates with you, then come and join our team.

We are looking for skilled individuals who love to learn and enjoy doing new things. You will be working on project both alone or with a team. You will be coordinating with many stakeholders from different backgrounds. Nothing happens the same way twice.


Location: Bali (Coming soon)


Location: Thailand / Vietnam (Coming soon)


Location: Bali / Remote (Coming soon)


Location: Bali | Start Date: June 2017

We accept unsolicited application. Please send your CV to and we will get back to you soon.