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We save you time and money, handling all the nitty-gritty stuff so you can focus on what is important to you and your business.

Taking a group to Bali used to be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Then No-Location happened - we know which places are good, what’s around, and what to do. With No-Location everything is possible: If you are running a location-independent company you can choose one of our pre-built workcation packages or, if you are creating a retreat or some other kind of group experience, you can use No-Location’s services to complete your vision. No-Location can handle the demands of any group because our logistics services and personal connections are unrivaled and crafted of the highest quality. We link you up with the best combination of villas, hotels, homestays, local suppliers, vendors, tour providers and every other logistical service you require. Whether you want to stay a few days or a few months we have exactly what you want and best of all we take care of everything for you - Leaving you free to lead your team or focus on your clients while enjoying Bali.

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The story behind No-Location


Dea and Brett

Brett and Dea are the co-founders of No-Location.

Dea comes from the startup and non-profit world. She has travelled and worked in many countries, even before digital nomadism and location-independence became "terms".

Brett has a diverse background beginning as a teacher and music producer and growing into an entrepreneur. He loves to "slow travel" and has lived in multiple countries such as China and Indonesia, where he met Dea.

One day while doing something else entirely a friend asked  "Where can a group of forty people stay comfortably in Bali for a month?" They didn't know, in fact no one knew. They decided to figure it out and thus No-Location was born. No-Location was founded with zero investment and was up and running within in minutes of answering a single question. No-Location met with a wave of serious demand from groups and retreats, tackling their largest logistical challenges with finess and skill and was subsequently named one of the "mind blowing companies of 2016" by E27.

Since its inception in 2015 No-Location has developed a client-base from around the world and has become the premier logistics provider for retreats and workcations in Bali. At the moment No-Location only operates in Bali, but will soon open in other countries across Asia.