Facilitator or Personality? Retreat – Know Thyself!

When it comes to running a retreat, retreat operators fall into two categories: “Facilitators” and “Personalities”. What is the difference between these two? The Facilitator: Facilitators are tour operators that arrange experiences and aren’t a pivotal part of the participant’s experience as a personality. If you are running a week long coding retreat where students Read more about Facilitator or Personality? Retreat – Know Thyself![…]

What makes a retreat, a retreat

Retreat is a trending word among travelers – you can find yoga retreats, digital nomad retreats, and even forex trading retreats…but what exactly is a retreat? Is it a workshop or is it just a group traveling and doing an activity together? According to Dr. Sheri Rosenthal from Wanderlust Entrepreneur, a retreat is a custom-crafter Read more about What makes a retreat, a retreat[…]