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5 online businesses that can start making extra 10,000 USD by hosting a retreat - No-Location

We currently live in a digital era where mostly anyone can earn money online, either through creating content or delivering online goods and services. But… did you know that you can earn money by combining your expertise with hosting a retreat? Many of our clients have done this and it’s an excellent way to building stronger client or audience base for your online business.

If you combine retreat hosting with your current online business it’s possible to earn an extra 8,000 to 10,000 USD with just one retreat per year. Here are 5 online business that can start making extra cash by hosting a retreat:

1. Youtube

Many content creators using youtube as a way to share their daily life through vlogging. Your audience likes to watch your vlogs because they can relate with you on a personal level. If you are a travel vlogger, running a retreat will be a good way to engage with your audience.When you run a retreat, your audience a chance to get to know you in person. You can do a one week retreat in an exotic place which is also an opportunity to create content that directly involves your audience.

2. Instagram Influencer

Instagram is the next big marketing channel. Thousands of people follow instagram accounts because they love to see beautiful pictures and dream a life never before possible. You can invite your followers for a retreat that can teach them how to be an instagram influencer. Everything from making perfect frames to choosing lightroom presets are  good ways to collaborate with your participants to deliver the dream as well as create content. 

Click here if you would like to know 5 ideas you can do on your influencers retreat.

3. Coach or Consultant

Retreats are a famous way for coaches and consultants to earn extra cash. If you are a coach or a consultant, most of your clients are interacting with you in one on one sessions (either in-person or via online call). By hosting a retreat, you can connect deeply with your client and work with them through an intensive duration with a more clear result.  Through a retreat your clients can share their struggles and their developments within a group. You can make a support and accountability group that will help accelerate the development of your clients.

4. Web designer

Do you have impeccable skill making websites? Maybe you have a few too many clients lined up in your pipeline. You can easily run a web design bootcamp where you can teach others how to make websites, then give them work according to your specifications. Bootcamps can vary in length anywhere from one week to one month, always with the goal jumpstarting your client’s web design careers as well as building your own tribe.

5. Blogger

Do you own a blog with a dedicated readership?  Why don’t you share your skills on how to write a compelling story? You can invite your readers to join you for a writing retreat and also let them be guest writers for your blog. Not only you will get more content for your blog but you can also get paid by hosting a retreat. Total win-win.

These are just five examples of different online business that can use retreats as a way to generate extra cash. There are many other creative ways to combine your online skills and expertise with an immersive experience. Retreats are not just workshops in beautiful places, they are immersive learning experiences that build tribes.