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5 reasons why Bali is the workation capital of the world - No-Location

Workations are becoming more prominent and more important in the startup world every year. Essentially, a workation is a combination of work and vacation. More and more companies are moving some or all of their members to other locations to live and work together for a period of time every year. A workation used to be a difficult and time consuming process, requiring a company to do everything themselves. Things have changed though, and a workation is a quick and easy to arrange as using Google and having a Skype call. This leaves those wanting to engage in a workation with the incredible question of: Where?

Here are 5 reasons why Bali is the undisputed workation capital of the world:

1. Bali is a gorgeous tropical paradise

Bali has many names – Island of the Gods and Pearl of the Orient being two of the most famous. Whatever you call it, Bali is simply the most unique paradisiacal island in the known world. From mountainous volcanoes to dense jungles, beautiful locals to haunting gamelan music, Bali is gorgeous beyond compare. Every area of the island is different, meaning there is always something intriguing to do. Whether you are exploring the hidden yoga terraces of Ubud, relaxing in one of the calm beach grills of Sanur, catching the waves in Canggu, or partying in like it’s Y2K in Kuta it’s clear that there is something for everyone.

2. Bali has been a favorite destination for Digital Nomads for a long time

Digital Nomads have been roaming the earth for a good while now, thoroughly inspecting every corner of our world that has internet. What  they have found is that their favorite place is Bali. The presence of digital nomads in Bali can be sensed in every cafe and co-working space – it’s like the island loves her digitally nomadic visitors and puts great care into giving them what they need during their stay. Because of this symbiotic relationship, Bali has metamorphosed into the most perfect digital nomad destination in the world, and by extension it has become the workation capital of the world – for what a digital nomad needs and desires a workation needs and desires. The location-independent world has looked far and wide and found Bali to be supreme above all others.

3. Retreats and communities of every kind are all over the island

Retreats have been run in Bali for decades – everything from stock trading to quantum love healing happens here, creating an environment filled with events and specialized niche communities. In 2016 there were more than 10 large-scale digital nomad specific retreats hosted in Bali and in coming years this number will steadily increase. Whether you are a remote worker or an entire remote team, these digital nomad retreats are the best place to expand your network and skills. There are many other retreats worth joining as well, with subjects such as photography, kitesurfing, stock trading, and so much more. Companies engaging in workations can visit the wonderful tourism sites of Bali in their free time, but their team members can also pursue their passions, hobbies, and professional skills through the giant network of retreats and communities. It’s not a busy metropolis, it’s the quaint island of Bali.

4. Coworking spaces and work-friendly cafes are everywhere

Since the rise of digital nomadism in Bali, coworking spaces have been popping up everywhere. They are a sign of stability and prosperity to the location-independent class, providing quality internet, unparalleled business opportunities, and the most incredible central locations. Want to take a  break and hit the waves? Dojo is just a walk away from the beach. Want to hit up a semi-secret chant circle for the sunset? Hubud is a great port to set out from. Bali also has been dubbed “Silicon Bali” because it is one of the fastest growing start hubs in Southeast Asia, Kumpul in Sanur, for example, initiated the “1,000 Indonesian Digital Startups” movement. For the digital nomad and the small startup, coworking spaces are oases in a desert of cafes playing pop music. But for those who love working from a cafe, Bali has plenty work-friendly cafes complete with large desks, organic coffee and mouth-watering food that will tingle your taste buds.


5. There are workation providers operating in Bali that make a workation as simple as a skype call

Gone are the days when a company had to redirect its own resources to get a workation off the ground. All over the world workation providers are popping up, making a workcation as simple as filling out a form and having a skype call. Some of the more incredible workation providers operate in Bali. No-Location has customizable workation packages for any size group that you can book through their website while Outpost offers the option of collaborating to create small workations in their coworking space. Whether you want to choose an existing workation package or want to create and customize your own Bali has what you need to achieve the perfect location independent lifestyle.

Take your company to the next level, take them on a workation, take them to Bali.